Word Bank Activity

Your personality is part of your brand...and it shows up in every word you use.

Brand Your Voice

Download our FREE Brand Your Voice Guide to create a custom word bank for your business, so you can...

  • Sound like yourself, instead of a business robot
  • Create copy your target audience instantly jives with
  • Kick content creation blocks to the curb by infusing your copy with more YOU

Meet your messaging strategists.

Jessi + Marie of North Star Messaging + Strategy are determined to wreck your messaging roadblacks and get you back in touch with your voice, so you can create and share content that communicates your core purpose and grows your biz. 

Together, Jessi + Marie have helped entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and major universities discover, develop, and maintain a consistent brand voice {aka we helped them sound like themselves, not some watered down version of everyone else} — so they can connect with their audience and make more sales.