Thought Leaders Implementation Program Application


...but you're not quite there yet.  

You've taken the courses, landed the clients, and built up the portfolio. You know your stuff. And you’re confident you're doing important work.  

Work you believe in. Work that lights you up. 

But you feel stuck.  

If you’re totally honest with yourself, you're not growing as fast as you'd like. Your message feels like it's never quite on target. And no matter how much you believe in your work… you're struggling to get others on board.  

And if you stop to think about it, you know you've been holding back. Maybe it's fear of failure. Maybe it's fear of success. Maybe it's impostor syndrome.  

Whatever it is, you're tired of it.  

You’re ready for something new.  


...You're sick of hearing everyone say the same old thing in the same old way. You're so over scrolling through your news feed to see the exact same conversation happening again and again.  

You want to shake up conversations and spearhead change, even if it's scary. Even if it starts small. You know you can leverage your ideas to make a positive impact. For yourself. For your clients. For your audience.  

Imagine this... Your business is an evolving, growing platform, supporting your ideas and lifestyle. Your audience is filled with people who not only love you {and you love right back}, but also challenge you to think deeper, create more, and lean into your beliefs. You fill your programs with dream clients because you're speaking directly to them, and you're doing so in a way that is authentic, genuine, and not filled with salesy marketing jargon. But to make it happen, you know you need to step up and put on your leadership shoes {eek!}.  


...your audience only really gets you after they've been spending a lot of time talking to you...  

...everyone else always has the right connections, and you feel like the awkward wallflower who didn't get invited to the party...  

...the number of tasks on your to-do list and noise in your news feed is completely overwhelming. You’re drowning in Post-it notes...'re not sure what to prioritize to take your business to the next level… stare at the 'Go Live', 'Publish', or 'Send' button in total terror, not sure if you really want put your thoughts out to the world {even though you totally believe in them}… feel stuck. You can't put your finger on what, but something is holding you back...



These are real quotes from our audience: 

“Right now my website is just a list of things without any context.”  

“I can't seem to find clarity on how to reach my ideal clients.”  

“I just can't write content I feel they can resonate with.”  

“I need some ass-kicking fire lit under me so I can get really visible and move past these fears.” 

“HELLLPPP MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  



You're ready to become a true leader.  


Without a focused strategy to help you cut through the noise, you feel lost and overwhelmed. You're not sure which "proven" technique to try, and you're not even sure whether your ideas are connecting with your audience. 

Without accountability to keep you on track, you spend your days ping-ponging from task to task, never quite getting it all done.  

And even though working from home and creating your own schedule has its benefits {hello, yoga pants}, sometimes you really just want a community you can trust to cheer you on. Strategically. 

And that whole leadership thing? You know you have it in you, but stepping into it is scary as hell. Because it means really standing up for what you believe in unapologetically, while also listening to what others have to say. 

And worst of all, while you might have seen some success, sustainable growth has been hard. You always feel like you're on the cusp of greatness...and it never seems to pan out.


There isn't one. Hah. Bet you expected us to pitch our program, didn't you? Hang tight, we'll get there. But before we do, here's what you need to know. There is no fool-proof solution to your roadblocks. There is no one-size-fits-all equation that will skyrocket your business. And there's no guru, coach, strategist, or consultant who is able to wave a magic wand and solve all of your problems. Nope, not even us. #SorryNotSorry At the end of the day, the only person who can rewrite your story is you. That said, it's helpful to have support along the way. So here's how you can get it:  

The Thought Leaders Implementation Program

Combined 1:1 and group support for entrepreneurial thought leaders who crave customized strategy, serious accountability, and honest community.

Thought Leader A person who uses their expertise, influence, and innovation to build a platform that inspires change.

This program is not about handing you a roadmap and sending you on your way.  

It's not about following some perfect formula, guaranteed to bring success {if someone promises you that, run for the hills}.  

This program is for people like you. 

Because you know you are the most critical step to seeing success. 

And you wanna take action.  

Action unique to your needs, your mission, your true north.  

This program is for creators, innovators, and social entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and own their message, their vision, and their leadership style in a big way.  

We rely on a simple, flexible formula:  


"After translating my vision into words with the guidance of Jessi and Marie, I have a plan that will take my business to its next level and help me communicate my message to a broader audience. Just being surrounded by the group of smart, brave, committed entrepreneurs inspires me to trust my skills and go for it." - Tania Gerard


CREATE STRONG MESSAGING THAT CONNECTS WITH YOUR AUDIENCE so you can build your platform, share your big ideas, and scale sustainably.  

SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS MODEL AND MESSAGE so you can funnel your clients to your highest-impact programs.  


HOLDING BACK through visioning, intention-setting, and accountability check-ins.  

GROW YOUR NETWORK OF FELLOW THOUGHT LEADERS, so you're surrounded by inspiring peers who are committed to rising together.

(As a member of the Thought Leaders Implementation Program, I consent to receiving emails from North Star Messaging + Strategy)


If you're 

...just starting out and only focused on making money and nothing bigger...  

...not ready to invest in yourself and your business and shy away from outside accountability...  

...feeling stressed by the idea of beng part of a small group community...  

...totally unsure what you stand for or what your vision is, or don't see any potential for leadership within you...  

...this program isn't for you.  

And that's okay. We can still be friends. :)  


...making money in your business and ready to scale in an intentional way...  

...tired of feeling stuck and ready to dig in and examine what might be holding you back... 

...aware of the value of mentorship, networking, accountability, and implementation... 

...unafraid to rock the boat and stick to your guns {or feeling the fear and doing it anyway}... 

...ready to share your powerful vision with the world, even if it's still evolving... 

...We see you.  

We hear you. 

We're excited by what you're doing.

  And we're here to help.  


We're Marie + Jessi of North Star Messaging + Strategy, and we're here to help you establish clarity in how you communicate your vision… so you can stand out as the thought leader you truly are.

Marie knows that the secret to a compelling message is taking the time to listen. When you listen to your audience and listen to your own values, that’s where you can connect in a big way. And to step up as a thought leader, connection is key. Through her extensive background as a nonprofit grant writer, storyteller, and messaging strategist, Marie has gained the coveted ability to combine heart and logic, and she’s dedicated to helping thought leaders step up in a big way by leveraging it in their own message.

In addition to being a copywriter and messaging strategist, Jessi has spent time in education, consulting, and sales roles...all of which have helped her learn what works and what doesn't when putting big, innovative ideas out to the world. She has a passion for helping high-achievers achieve their big goals. Her perspective? If she can make 18th century literature appeal to a bunch of 16-year-olds, she can absolutely help thought leaders own their message and change the world.

Together, we've helped well over 100 different entrepreneurs, organizations, and thought leaders find their voice, hone their message, step into their expertise, and make the impact they want to see in the world.  

"Working with Jessi and Marie is a joy. Complete experts when it comes to messaging and strategy, but also brilliant at supporting entrepreneurs to develop their own authentic voice across all platforms. If you're thinking of working with them, don't hold back, just do it." - Fiona Mackenzie


When you join the Thought Leaders Implementation Program, here’s what you'll get:

SIX-MONTH PARTNERSHIP with regular implementation and accountability support, designed to help you step forward as a thought leader and hit your goals.

MESSAGING STRATEGY + COPYWRITING SUPPORT around your content, marketing plans and programs.

VIRTUAL VISIONING + STRATEGIC MAPPING RETREAT so you can define your trajectory and take meaningful action {and so we can know exactly how to give you some loving, accountability-driven kicks in the pants}.

IN-PERSON RETREAT so you can deepen your bonds with fellow thought leaders who are changing conversations in a meaningful way.

UNLIMITED 1:1 SUPPORT so we can help you stay focused on what matters most.

GROUP CALLS so you can connect with your peers and dig deep into the topics that are on your mind. 

GUEST MENTOR CALLS WITH INDUSTRY EXPERTS to give you an outside perspective and broaden your knowledge.

ACCESS TO ALL OF OUR EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS AND RESOURCES so you're supported, no matter your goals.

ACCESS TO OUR TEAM for questions around project management, social media marketing, and more.

IMPACT SESSIONS, where you're supported in your journey to #ChangeTheStars through give-back strategies that fit your business and vision.


The Thought Leaders Implementation Program is all about giving your big ideas space to grow.  

It's about focusing on your message, building your network and taking strategic action.  

It's not another thing to add to your plate. Instead, it's something to help ease all of those other things.  

It's about giving you a container to test, explore, grow, and tweak.  

It's about finally taking steps forward to book that speaking engagement, write that book, or fill your client roster.  

It's about finally, finally leveraging your business o create the change you want to see.

(As a member of the Thought Leaders Implementation Program, I consent to receiving emails from North Star Messaging + Strategy)

We're currently accepting applicants for the next round of the Thought Leaders Implementation Program. To be considered, fill out our quick application, and we'll be in touch with next steps.

Join your tribe. Realize your vision. Step into the role you're meant for.