Leader Up! is the membership community for driven entrepreneurs who are ready to level up their business and stand out as a leader in their field.

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As an experienced business owner, you know the drill. You've spent a lot of your time {and money, and energy, and resources, and and and…} nurturing your original idea into what it is today.  

You've taken the courses, hired the coaches, landed the clients, and built up the portfolio. You know your stuff. And you’re confident you're doing important work.  

Work you believe in. Work that lights you up.  

But something’s off. You feel stuck.  

If you’re totally honest with yourself, you're not the same entrepreneur you were when you started. You've stretched and grown and strengthened — but your business doesn't entirely reflect that shift.  

Your programs aren’t fully aligned with your values, your content doesn’t attract the audience you want right now, and the engagement you generate doesn’t always translate into conversions. 

And you're kinda over it.

You're ready to claim your role as a leader, and you want your business to come along for the ride.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” 

- John Quincy


You want to shake up conversations and spearhead change, even if it's scary. Even if it starts small.  

You see missing opportunities, and you envision how things could be {for yourself, your clients, and your audience}. Your ideas are the perfect catalyst for making a positive impact.  

You might not self-identify as an innovator, but more than one person says you’ve helped them have a break-through. Something about you is different. But not enough people know about it.  

And that’s because your influence isn’t where you want it to be yet. You're ready to show up confidently as the expert, sharing your innovative ideas and building your tribe. 

But to make it happen, you need to step up and put on your leadership shoes. 

For real, friend.  

What if you could...  

  • Create strong messaging that connects with the right audience, so you can build your platform, share your big ideas, and scale sustainably.  
  • Showcase your expertise with confidence, so there's no doubt in your audience's mind that you're the right person for the job.  
  • Refine your innovative ideas, so you stand out in your field and make a concrete impact.  
  • Take action and make progress in areas where you've been holding back through visioning, new ideas/fresh perspectives, and real conversations.  
  • Leverage your influence so you can not only be heard, but listened to, allowing your impact to spread like wildfire.  
  • Grow your network of fellow leaders, so you're surrounded by inspiring peers who are committed to rising together.  

You can. It's time to step up and stand out as the leader you are.

"Leadership begins with the quality of the person."

- Frances Hesselbein


There isn't one.  

Hah. Bet you expected us to pitch our program, didn't you?  

Hang tight, we'll get there.  

But, look, you’ve been in this long enough to know that there’s no magical solution to your roadblocks. There is no one-size-fits-all equation that will skyrocket your business and turn your message into a movement. And there's no guru, coach, strategist, or consultant who is able to wave a magic wand and solve all of your problems.  

Nope, not even us. {If someone promises you that, run for the hills!}  


At the end of the day, the only person who can rewrite your story is you. The only person who can step up as a leader in your business is you. The only person who can connect fully with your audience is you. You’re the only person with your passion. Your commitment. Your grit. But you also know better than to do it all on your own. It's helpful to have support along the way.  

We've got your back.

The Leader Up! Community is built for entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to step up and stand out.

This membership is not about handing you a roadmap and sending you on your way.  

It's not about following some perfect formula, guaranteed to bring success.  

It’s not about trapping you in a cycle of needing “just one more thing.”  

It is about empowerment, leadership, and messaging.  

It’s for people who know they are the key to creating the impact and income they want.  

It’s for entrepreneurs and leaders who are strategic action-takers, who are on personal journeys of growth, and who want to change the way others think. 

It’s for creators, innovators, and social entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and own their message, their vision, and their leadership style in a big way.  

The Leader Up! Community gets you all that and more, all for $77 a month:

QUARTERLY LEADERSHIP ROADMAP + TRAININGS {SO YOU CAN MAKE CONTINUAL PROGRESS} Your leadership journey never truly ends, so we’ve developed a system that allows you to make measurable progress every 90 days. Within our Quarterly Leadership Roadmap, you’ll gain access to exclusive journal prompts, assignments, and trainings on your messaging, content, brand voice, and more — and discover how these all help you step up as the leader you’re striving to become.

Value: $97/month  

MONTHLY THEME WITH BOOK + JOURNAL PROMPTS {TO KEEP THE CONVERSATION GROUNDED} Every month, we’ll tackle a new theme that’s relevant to entrepreneurs and leaders — themes like creating a recognizable brand voice, setting boundaries, and building your own signature framework. 

We'll ground the conversations with a relevant book + thought-provoking journal prompts meant to give you new perspectives and encourage breakthroughs. 

Featured authors include Michael Hyatt, Brene Brown, Ryan Levesque, Chip and Dan Heath, Jen Sincero, Mike Michalowicz, and more.

Value: $247/month

TWO MONTHLY LIVESTREAM LOW-DOWNS {HIGHLIGHTING AREAS FOR GROWTH} Twice a month we hop on Facebook Live to host an informal training and discussion on the month's topic {like how to innovate in your field, share an evolving message without confusing your audience, and update your offers}. If you can't catch us live, the replay will be available.

Value: $197/month

MONTHLY GROUP DISCUSSION CALL {SO WE CAN ALL GROW TOGETHER} Every month we’ll invite you to hop on Zoom with us to discuss the month’s leadership theme. We’ll talk about important issues, like market research, mindset, and achieving your goals so you’re able to deepen your relationship with other community members and truly challenge yourself to grow. Can't catch us live? The replay will be added to the membership portal.

Value: $297/month

Membership Portal and Community

PRIVATE COMMUNITY + EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP PORTAL {TO STAY SUPPORTED ALL THE TIME} You’ll gain access to a private community of fellow leaders with regular conversation prompts to help you think deeply about your business, explore your own journey, and get to know the other Leader Up! members. If you ever have a question or need support, this community is open all the time.

Plus, within our membership portal, you'll be able to access our most powerful leadership and messaging trainings, swipe files, templates, video replays, and frameworks at the click of a button to make your path to level up as a leader simple and streamlined as possible.

 Value: $197/month

FUN SURPRISES {TO EMPOWER YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY} You’ll just have to sign up to see what we mean, but know we’re always thinking of our members, and we love surprising you! {The good kind of surprises, we promise.}

Value: Priceless!

Get all of this {$1,035 monthly value} for $77 a month.

Aaaaand you can upgrade to the VIP tier of the Leader Up! Community, which gets you EVERYTHING above, and more:

VIP ACCESS ONLY: QUARTERLY VIRTUAL RETREAT {TO HELP YOU REFLECT ON AND IMPLEMENT YOUR LEADERSHIP ROADMAP} Every quarter we'll host a virtual retreat, exclusively for our VIP members. You'll build off your quarterly Leadership Roadmap with a private group integration + visioning session — so you can see how far you've come and reconnect with where you're going. We'll record the call so you can watch the replay if you can't come to the live session.

This session will be co-run with Tania Gerard, a talented mindset expert and congruency coach, who will help you assess where you are so you can get where you're going.  

Value: $497/quarter

Zoom Calls

VIP ACCESS ONLY: MONTHLY GROUP MASTERMIND CALL {SO YOU CAN GET PERSONALIZED SUPPORT AROUND YOUR LEADERSHIP JOURNEY AND MESSAGING} Our VIP members will get access to a monthly group mastermind call, where they'll be able to "hot seat" their questions and get personalized support from us and their peers around their leadership development, business messaging, mindset, content, and more. Can't be there live? You'll have a chance to ask your questions ahead of time so we can address them anyway, plus you'll get a replay sent your way.

Value: $297/month

VIP ACCESS ONLY: EXCLUSIVE GUEST EXPERTS SESSIONS, TRAININGS, AND COURSES {TO ENHANCE YOUR PERSPECTIVE AND FULLY SUPPORT YOUR GROWTH} When you feel stuck, help is on the way! We'll be providing periodic guest expert sessions, trainings, and courses just for our VIP leaders — and as a VIP member, you'll gain access to the library of all past sessions and trainings. We'll dive into topics like leadership mindset, marketing for thought leaders, securing speaking gigs and media features, and more. These offerings simply can't be found anywhere else and will respond to real needs and questions you face.  

Value: $397/month  

Retreats and Programs

VIP ACCESS ONLY: DISCOUNTED RATE + FIRST DIBS ON IN-PERSON RETREATS AND HIGH-LEVEL PROGRAMS {SO YOU CAN GET ACCESS TO MORE PERSONALIZED SUPPORT} No leader is an island, and you deserve support on your journey. That's why we're excited to offer exclusive first dibs + an exclusive rate for our VIP members on the chance to apply to our in-person retreats and high-level programs. When you become VIP member, you ensure these opportunities won't sell out before you get a chance to claim your seat.

Value: Priceless!

Join the VIP tier {a $1,895 monthly value} for just $197 a month.

Tania Gerard

After translating my vision into words with the guidance of Jessi and Marie, I have a plan that will take my business to its next level and help me communicate my message to a broader audience.  

Just being surrounded by the group of smart, brave, committed entrepreneurs inspires me to trust my skills and go for it."  

- Tania Gerard


If you're... 

...just starting out and only focused on making money and nothing bigger...  

...not ready to invest in yourself and your business and shy away from holding yourself accountable...  

...feeling stressed by the idea of being part of a community...  

...totally unsure what you stand for or what your vision is, or don't see any potential for leadership within you...  

...this program isn't for you.  

And that's okay. We can still be friends. :)  


You’re someone who’s...  

...making money in your business and ready to scale in an intentional way...  

...tired of feeling stuck and ready to dig in and examine what might be holding you back...  

...aware of the value of mentorship, networking, accountability, and implementation...  

...unafraid to rock the boat and stick to your guns {or feeling the fear and doing it anyway}...  

...ready to share your powerful vision with the world, even if it's still evolving...  

We see you.  

We hear you.  

We are you. 

We're excited by what you're doing.  

And we're here to help.  

Theresa Baretta

"Jessi and Marie have given me the confidence to consider myself a leader in my space. I've been able to turn down the dial on comparison, reiterate the importance of what I do, and grow in ways I never imagined."  

- Theresa Baretta


Hi there! We're Jessi + Marie, and we're messaging strategists and copywriters who’ve supported hundreds of entrepreneurs since 2010 in stepping fully into their leadership role. 

Our Thought Leadership Framework brings together the concepts of messaging and leadership, drawing the link between the two and helping leaders follow strategic steps to level up and stand out in a crowded market.  

The businesses that truly knock it out of the park are headed up by entrepreneurs who feel deeply connected to their purpose and audience — and who aren’t afraid to talk about it within their content. They have a bold vision, and they’re willing to show up to turn that vision into a reality.  

Are you our people? 

If so, we’ve created the Leader Up! Community to support you as you elevate your message, hone your leadership skills, and maximize your impact.  

Rochelle Sanchez

“Jessi and Marie, I’m so glad you ladies are brave enough to lead this movement and remind us to take our place as leaders. You have called me out and reminded me what I ACTUALLY do in my business, not what I’ve been pretending to do.”  

- Rochelle Sanchez  


The Leader Up! Community is all about giving your big ideas space to grow.  

It's about focusing on your message, building your network and taking strategic action.  

It's not another thing to add to your plate. Instead, it will help you simplify those other things.  

It's a container to test, explore, grow, and tweak.  

It's about finally taking steps forward to land that speaking engagement, write that book, or fill your client roster.  

It's about fully leveraging your business to create the change you want to see.

Leader Up! Membership 

  • Quarterly leadership roadmap + trainings {$97/month value}  
  • Monthly theme with book + journal prompts {$247/month value}  
  • Two monthly Facebook live low-downs {$197/moth value} 
  • Monthly group discussion call {$297/month value}
  • Private community of peers + exclusive membership portal {$197/month value} 
  • Fun surprises! {Priceless}
  • VIP ONLY: Quarterly virtual retreat for integration + visioning {$497/quarter value}
  • VIP ONLY: Monthly group mastermind call {$297/month value} 
  • VIP ONLY: Exclusive guest expert sessions, trainings and courses{$397/month value} 
  • VIP ONLY: Discounted rate + first dibs on applying to in-person retreats and high level programs {Priceless}


Total Value: $1,035/month Your Investment: $77/month 


VIP Tier: Leader Up! Membership

  • Quarterly leadership roadmap + trainings {$97/month value}
  • Monthly theme with book + journal prompts {$247/month value}
  • Two monthly Facebook live low-downs {$197/moth value}
  • Monthly group discussion call {$297/month value}
  • Private community of peers + exclusive membership portal {$197/month value}
  • Fun surprises! {Priceless}
  • VIP ONLY: Quarterly virtual retreat for integration + visioning {$497/quarter value}
  • VIP ONLY: Monthly group mastermind call {$297/month value}
  • VIP ONLY: Exclusive guest expert sessions, trainings, and courses {$397/month value}
  • VIP ONLY: Disounted rate + first dibs on applying to in-person retreats and high level programs {Priceless}


Total Value: $1,895/month $197/month 

Join your tribe. Claim your vision. Step into the role you're meant for.

"Working with Jessi and Marie is a joy. Complete experts when it comes to messaging and strategy, but also brilliant at supporting entrepreneurs to develop their own authentic voice across all platforms. If you're thinking of working with them, don't hold back, just do it."

- Fiona Mackenzie  

Got Qs? We've got As. 

Does the membership require a contract? Nope! It's month-to-month, and you can come and go any time you please. You'll be placed on a recurring monthly auto payment, which you can cancel any time.

Can I switch between the regular and VIP levels? Sure! Just shoot us an email once you're in, and we'll get you switched over.

What's the deal with the book? Each month we're providing you with a carefully selected book that showcases leadership in action. Reading the book isn't mandatory, but the best leaders are also readers, so we highly encourage you to at least give it a skim!

Can I have a non-tree-killing version of the monthly book? No problem! You'll have your choice between physical copies, e-books, and audio books.

What if I can't make live calls? Aaaaaaall good. We record every call and put them in the membership portal so you can catch up at your leisure.

How much personalized support will I receive? As a member, you'll have access to our community group, where you can ask any questions that come up around your message, platform, or leadership. If you opt to join the VIP tier you'll also have access to group mastermind calls and virtual retreats, where we'll dive deeper into your specific business.

Why should I join? There are, like, a bazillion memberships out there. We get it. You have a lot of options. You'll find your home in Leader Up! if you're looking for a space to connect with true peers on your journey as a leader. 

We're providing space for growth, reflection, active movement forward in your business. This is a space to be challenged in all the right ways, so you can step up to your potential.