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The Evolved Entrepreneur Challenge 

3 days to level up your message so it reflects your growth, connects with the right people, and makes content strategy a breeze. 

Drop your deets, and let's rock n' roll.

Get reeeeeady! We’re live August 13-15!

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Who you WERE is so last year. You’ve changed, so why hasn’t your message?

You always feel like you're stuck somewhere in the messy middle when it comes to your message. You've done away with the "shoulds" that used to keep you stuck, but what's left? It's proving difficult to super-succinctly explain what you do now or why it matters on that really deep meaningful level.

Or maybe you feel like you've got a tight message, but when it comes to sharing your own story, you can't figure out the right mix. How much is critical relationship-building deets, and how much is irrelevant oversharing? 

Or maybe your content feels off in a way you can't put your finger on. People used to freaking flock to your posts and stories, and now it's like a dead zone. Can they sense something's off? Something you might not even see yet?

These days, fit into your old messaging strategies is like squeezing into your favorite shoes from 3rd grade. {Owwww.}  

You've changed.
I don't know what to do, my whole brain is crying.

You've grown so much, but Old-You’s messaging is holding you back. 

If this hasn't happened yet, it's bound to soon: Your income has hit a wall, your content strategy is outdated and exhausting, and your audience growth has slowed. Ruh-roh.  

The simple truth? You've evolved as an entrepreneur.

You know your work is top-notch, and your clients rave about you. 

You're leveling up as a leader and cranking your business up to an 11. 

To make sure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste, you’ve gotta make more of the right people say HELL TO THE YES. 

Which means your message needs a tune-up.  

When you elevate your message to reflect where you are right now, you'll...


So you can increase your impact + income by working with the right people at the right time in the right way. 


So your big idea can be put out to the world in a way that truly represents who you are and what you stand for. 


No one does what you do in the way you do it. Step into your role as a leader and leverage your expertise, influence, and innovation to step up and stand out.

Basically, you’ll kick all sorts of ass.

Let's reassess, shall we?

It doesn't have to be this way. NOW is the time to...


Measure where you currently stand as an entrepreneurial leader, your strengths and opportunities for growth, and how far you’ve come.


Pop a cork to where you are and identify how you can reflect your growth within your content. This'll let you fill in any gaps and be confident in your evolved message.


Create a custom roadmap for your content strategy that will speak directly to {and attract} your audience.

“I’m so grateful to both of you for seeing me, hearing me and transforming what I do into words that will help transform the lives of many, many more men and women.” 

-Lisa Carpenter, Full Frontal Living™ Coach 

How??? Enter: The Evolved Entrepreneur Challenge

3 days to level up your message so it reflects your growth, connects with the right people, and makes content strategy a breeze. {August 13-16}

The Evolved Entrepreneur Challenge will show you how to:

  • Figure out exactly where you stand as an entrepreneurial leader right now {not who you were before your latest breakthrough or mentorship}. You’ll discover your natural leadership strengths + your opportunities for growth. Plus, you'll get an accurate read on how far you’ve come.  
  • Pinpoint strategic opportunities to reflect your growth within your content {so you can seek and destroy outdated, yawn-inducing copy}. This will allow you to fill any gaps and be confident in your new and improved message. After all, you’ve evolved, and your message deserves to evolve with you.  
  • Create a custom roadmap for upgrading your content {we ain’t about one-size-fits all; this is the Chipotle of content strategies, where everyone gets just what they want}. We'll guide you through making your own achievable, actionable plan to brush up your message so you can speak to who you are and attract your dream clients.  

Each day {and it's only three days!}, you'll get a new activity delivered straight to your inbox, complete with video, template, and journal prompts. 

Every activity is designed to help you create a message you're confident in. You'll take baby steps to create some big results that fit who {and where} you are.

And through it all you'll also have access to a community of entrepreneurial leaders who are itching to cheer you on, hold you accountable, and be your new biz bffs.

It's time to stop playing small.

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“You have helped me move past my block about communicating confidently with my audience.” 

-Deb Blakely, Accredited Practising Dietitian  

We’re Jessi + Marie, and we’re here to help you knock the socks right off your messaging. 

Y’all, we have so been there. 

In the 8 years since we began North Star Messaging + Strategy in 2010, we’ve grown and shifted more times than we can count. 

We realized that, even though we’d long abandoned our training wheels, we hadn't fully embraced our new message. Because we weren’t speaking with confidence through an evolved message, we were confusing the heck out of our people… and that left us riding the feast-or-famine roller coaster.  

But then we got the bright idea: Hey, let’s do for US what we do for our clients. Let’s clarify our message, update our content, and shout it from the mountaintops!  

{Should’ve been obvs, right?}  

As soon as we got serious about refining our own message, we were able to increase our revenue, income, and giving. 

Now, we feel more confident than ever, and we’re attracting clients so drool-worthy we now wear bibs to work. {JK on the bibs, not on the awesome clients.}  

Most importantly, we’re able to step up as true leaders, helping hundreds {nay, thousands} of business owners create their own clear, confident messaging that connects with the right people, shares their innovative ideas, and showcases their experience.  

We’ve created the Evolved Entrepreneur Challenge to help you get a clear picture of what is {and isn’t} working for you — so you can be confident in your message, attract the right people, and design a content strategy that's a total breeze.

“You ladies have called me out and reminded me what I actually do instead of what I’ve been pretending to do, and not to mask it.” 

-Rochelle Sanchez, Marketing Strategist

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Mark your calendar! We are LIVE August 13-15!

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